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Denied For Employment? You have Rights!

Some of the most important rights that we have in this country are those surrounding the hiring process.  Unfortunately, these are also some of the most routinely ignored rights.  In a world where a job can be the difference between happiness and despair, poverty and prosperity, many employers still ignore their duties under federal law.

Your Right To Adverse Action & Dispute Process

One of the most impactful rights that we as Americans have is known as “adverse action.”  The fallout from employers failing to follow the rules can be crushing to a person’s life, as well as their families.  In a nutshell, adverse action means that in many instances where people are denied a job because of their background check, those folks have the right to be able to see their own report and be afforded the opportunity to dispute inaccurate or illegal information contained in the report.

An individual’s adverse action rights come into play anytime that an employer uses information found in a consumer report, like a criminal-history background check, to deny a person a job or a promotion.  The United States Congress made adverse action rights the law in order to protect us all from unverified or illegally disclosed information being used against us without our knowledge.

For example, what would you do if your name and date of birth matched someone else who happened to have a long and violent criminal history?  More importantly, what if you didn’t even know that this case of mistaken identity was what was keeping you from landing a job?  Situations like this are why Congress insisted that job applicants be protected from unseen and possibly inaccurate information on their very own background report.

 If You Were Denied Employment & Never Notified About Your Rights

If you feel you were denied a job based upon your background check, but were never notified of your rights to request a copy of the report and dispute inaccuracies, contact Concord Law, P.C. to see if you adverse action rights were violated! You can click here to schedule a free consultation with an Attorney.